In 2008 a breeding station named Shaggy Edition was registered. This station focuses on breeding bobtails. Bobtail or Old English Sheepdog is a very old classic English breed. They were sometimes quite aggressive before but thanks to the stirpiculture this problem has been removed. They can live up to 12 to 13 years and it is mainly a very good companion and watchdog.

History of the breed

Old English Sheepdog is probably a descendant of the Europian Shepard Dog. We tought that he might be a relative of the breed of beardie, but it has a vestigial tail which beardie doesn´t have. We started to crossbreed it at the end of 19th century.

Description of the body

The head is a quadratic with lot of hair that covers the eyes. It has strong jaws. Spigot is lower than hips, but you can´t see it due to the amount of the hair. Paws are big. There is some hair between the pads as well, that´s just like claws, usually light. This strong, massive and muscular dog has very balanced proportions and has a characteristic fluctuating step.  Description according to the FCI standard.

Needs and behavior of the dog

The dogs of this breed like children and very kind to them. It is suitable for life either in the city or in the countryside, however, if it has more place where it can run, it is happier. As we have already mentioned it is a very good watchdog. It does not like hot weather and it is necessary to take care of the long thin hair.

You have to treat it gently, but thoroughly. It likes to be in submissive position and it is rarely dominant. That´s why this breed is suitable for people who haven´t had a dog yet.